# AllowMeToBeSad

Filming the real people all around the world. A journey of self-acceptance. Discovering happiness by exploring the sadness that we hide. Breaking stereotypes and normalising all emotions.

After having gone through a rough year, I found myself lost, stuck, and not feeling happy. I started questioning everyone’s happiness, so I initiated a survey meant to find out how other people feel “offline” – the real people outside social media. The results were great, well from one point of view, because it proved that we’re all afraid to show emotions other than the “normal” happy ones.

So I decided to go a bit deeper and interview people about it.  I’ve started this project in 2018, and I’ve received so many amazing responses and I’ve learned SO MUCH from talking to everyone.

For more visit: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMIHY1tiaIy8cWblE5pKeyQ/videos