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In order to sign up to our free therapy sessions, we need your email address and you need to answer the 3 short questions below. There is no correct answer, this quiz is meant to help us organise and distribute the sessions effectively 🙂

We want to give everyone a fair chance at receiving therapy, and considering the high demand, we want to make sure the sessions go to those who need them, who can't afford them or do not have access to a therapist. Keep in mind, we will not exclude anyone, regardless of the answers given.


We will email you when you have received the therapy session - check  your spam as well. Please be patient as we are trying to raise enough money to offer everyone in need help, and this could take a while depending on our budge (we are continuously raising money to help everyone).


Also, if you want to help out, please share our donation page with your friends / strangers ❤️ The more we are, the more people we can help!


Thank you so much!


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