Wow, how fast have these 2 months gone by? I’m glad to see you again!

The good news!

Since the project has been receiving over 100 sign-ups to free therapy in less than 24 hours, I’ve decided to open the door to more possibilities of raising money and help everyone that needs it. It’s not easy doing this on my own and I appreciate every single one of you who got involved, I’m so grateful! ❤

This is why for the next 2 weeks (until the 25th of October at 8pm), I will be collaborating with Barbry, a small local business located in Berlin, that agreed to donate 20€ for each pair of leggings purchased with the code: FREETHERAPY.

So if you are looking for a colourful pair of yoga / gym / sitting on the couch leggings, please go to and treat yourself while helping the Free Therapy Project.

I’ve made a little promo video for this collab, check it out here:

When do we need therapy?

A lot of the things that we go through leave deep marks in our already busy and chaotic lives. We slowly become aware of them when they start affecting us directly (we start feeling sick more often, we deal with more anxiety, panic attacks, different things start triggering us, as if our mind is talking to us and giving us warning signals in every way it can).

And that’s when we start looking for a solution.

The stigma wall

There is still a lot of stigma around talking about mental health, which takes a toll on many people. We live in a world where it’s acceptable to talk about physical diseases, but when it comes to mental illnesses, we are being told to “just breath, and drink a tea – or worse, stop stressing”.

The stone wall

Walls are great, when we want to feel safe, but not when we are trapped behind them.

When we finally build the courage to open up about our pain and seek help, we are left facing the second wall: we do not have access to therapy, due to a lack of service. We invest time and energy into applications – this feels like a full time job. We are already exhausted, physically and mentally, all we want is to feel better, and not wait 2 years for our first therapy session when we are feeling at our lowest.

The brick wall

In an ideal world we would all have equal opportunities, equal rights, the whole shebang!
But now it’s time to face the reality behind the brick wall – money rules the world . Since most services cost money, we need to be able to afford to pay for therapy, which isn’t always affordable. And so we end up feeling lost.

You can do this!

I’ve been behind all these wall and I can fully understand how alone you can feel.  People just need a helping hand sometimes, a voice that tells them ‘Hey, you can do this! You are not alone’.

And I wish I had this when I needed it the most. This is why I’ve decided to start this project, to raise money and help those who need an extra hand breaking those walls!

Also, if you would like to support the project on the side, please go to 🌱

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