Hey there,

First of all, let me thank everyone that got involved in this project, I wouldn’t be doing this without having your support!

In the order of their donations: Jack Terry, Lisa Lam, Kate Elizabeth Gleason, Iris Enghis, Didi M., Daniel Caddick, Chris Wall, Dima Sergiu, Alex Visa, Emerson, Andrei Buta, Liviu, Owen Teers, Amrita Aujla, Chris Eustace, Bhavesh Patel, Eduard Todireanu, Sorin Avel, Yipster, Teona Kulpinsky, Aron Rukmana Hendrick, Roxana Tabalae, Mariana, Dragos, Velislav Stoyanov, Saqer Alomair, John Keenan, Bim Famutimi, Lovu, Cristiana Elena, Kulik Árpi, Stelian, Nicoleta Kalman, Dorian Valean, Alexandra Boriceanu, Alexandra Hagiu, Oana Olariu – Stead, Alexandru Mauricio  +the anonymous donors.

After having gone through a rough year, I found myself lost, stuck, and not feeling happy. I started questioning everyone’s happiness, so I initiated a survey meant to find out how other people feel “offline” – the real people outside social media. The results were great, well from one point of view, because it proved that we’re all afraid to show online our sad side.

So I decided to go deeper and talk to people about a topic that not many feel comfortable approaching: sadness. And here we are today. I started a Crowdfunding page (https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/i-am-sad) to raise money for a documentary about sadness – “Allow me to be sad”. Some amazing people helped me out and I’ve managed to gather £830 (after tax and with PayPal donations) which will go towards buying a camera.

At the moment I’m making plans and researching different DSLR cameras and their features. If you have any suggestions, please let me know, because I’m going round in circles and I still can’t figure out what equipment would be more suitable for this type of project.

I plan on travelling to different countries to interview people about what feeling sad means to them.

I want to explore the other side of things and challenge these beautiful concepts of happiness and sadness, as two feelings that are both parts of a perfectly normal human being.

Follow me on social media @roxialbescu for more updates.

PS. Here you can find a bit more about Crowdfunding and my experience: https://www.facebook.com/roxi.hearingcolours/videos/1919237191450590

Aaaaand here’s a little song I’ve been obsessing over lately:

Thank you and have a great day!


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