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Don’t worry, it’s not about to get depressing in here. I am working on a raw project that wants to document how people around the world see sadness. It is an honest view on a topic that’s repressed and receiving so much hate.

There’s this preconception that a normal human being should be happy – that happiness is the goal we NEED to reach and if we are not constantly “there” then our life is not complete, and that we are doing something wrong. I come across loads of videos, movies, and quotes that advise us on things we should do to be happy.

Allow me to be sad!

No one talks about the other side of life, the more human one: feeling sad. In a world where technology is part of our daily routine, we tend to get absorbed in the glamorous lifestyles we see online. We post only our happy photos, and we want to make it seem like we’re at our peek, and I’m as guilty of doing so as everyone else.

If you’re like me, you don’t open up easily when you feel low, because you don’t want to feel vulnerable or embarrass yourself in front of friends and acquaintances, who all seem perfectly happy. We want to maintain a “positive image”, as close to perfection as we can. Sometimes we hide our sadness so deep that not even we can recognise it anymore.

When I reached this point, I started questioning everyone else’s happiness. I organised surveys and asked people from all over the world questions related to sadness. The results made me want to know and understand more about this taboo subject that we hate so much. I want to talk to people from all over the world and film their views on sadness. I want to break this force-fed happiness trend that’s going on on social media and let people see the real faces behind the curtains – we all struggle sometimes and it’s not glamorous. You are allowed to be sad!


I’m raising money in order to produce the documentary and I need your support:

The budget for this project goes to: 

* Buy video equipment so I can film this documentary

* Cover travel expenses (for interviews)

* Hire someone to help me with post-production work (editing and all that jazz)

* Submit this documentary to film festivals.

Because I want to give something back as a thank you for your donations, I am making these little woollen berets. Choose a reward to get yours 🙂

Thank you very much. Keep up with me on social media: @roxialbescu or email me: roxi.albescu@gmail.com
Big hugs,
Roxi Albescu

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